Saturday, January 21, 2012

US Marine Prototype Rolex Submariner

Rolex Produced some of the rarest prototype Submariner for US Marine in 1982.
However due to whatever reason that it never turned into mass production.

It features a rather unique of locking its bi-directional timing bezel, The large detachable lug hoods lift up to allow manipulation of the bezel, lower it down to secure lock.
It has a new look as the traditional Submariner design as it extend the watch it out down from the middle of the case to meet the bracelet. It is 44mm with a lug to measurement of 58mm. The example featured here was sold at auction by Antiquorum in 2004 for USD$ 72,000! I think the current price may be already go double to USD$150,000! if your wrist is small , this may not be too fit for it.HK Snob


VW 7888 said...

Hi, I had one which is exactly the same but still could not figure out whether is it a fake or genuine. This had been a myth with me for past few years.

I had check it out with 2nd hand watch shop in Singapore and they say that there movement is from Rolex. But I went to the Rolex agent here, the send the photos to Rolex Geneva. Rolex had comment that they do not have this model and this is not from them. I am wondering if the movement is theirs, why they deny and can anybody modify the winding crown from 3.00 to 4.00 which I feel its impossible.

Have been trying to check but to no avail. Hope could clear this myth.

HK Snob said...

Dear VW
Where did you get it!?
Can you send some of the pictures to me as I can check with HK Rolex Expert!..

Interesting to see!!

Send to

VW 7888 said...


No problem. Shall send in a minutes but my photography skill is not so good using handphone.

HK Snob said...


Send me the picture.. I am eager to see it and share with our expert here in HK!!!

HK Snob

Anonymous said...

This watch is a fake, it was designed and made by Ken Sato of Ken's Trading Co, who later started RXW, he made it for a wealthy client in Japan who wanted something non of his friends had.
The biggest tell is "US MARINE" because there is no such thing, it is only "US MARINES" I also own one of the fake cases. This was openly known as a fake/hoax more than 3 years ago guys! The case backs, crowns and tubes all fit genuine Rolex parts. This story is very old!!!

HK Snob said...

i told the watch owner the watch is fake also.
thanks again