Friday, January 27, 2012

2012, Audemars Piguet Celebrates Royal Oak's 40th Anniversary

It has been 40 yeas after the likely one of most beautiful watch designs was invented by Gerald Genta in 1972, with continuously applause of such beautiful Watch by watch lovers all over the World, a new Memorial Royal Oak design is created in 2012.
Since the timeless 2121 movement was introduced in its Royal Oak case in 1972, with movement thickness of 3.05mm, one of the World’s thinnest mechanical Automatic movement, it provides the Hour, Minutes and Second, Date Display function. In 2012, AP introduces a new Tourbillon ultra thin Skeleton masterpiece. The movement is still assembled with meticulous procedure as AP did 40 years ago. The Skeleton Watch case installed the State-of-The-Art tourbillon module, recalled the World First Tourbillon Automatic AP which shocked the World in 1986.
The new movement is Cal. 2924 is new with tourbillon assembly placed in a yet delicate but super tough Platinum dark grey case of 41mm with mere 4.46mm thick. The Power drum is Yellow gold which has a drastic Colour contrast with the case. Highly appreciatible! The Time display is on the front and Power reserve indicator on the back is the design layout.
Frequency is 21,600 CPS (3 Hertz) with power reserve up to 70 hours. Whole watch has 110 parts that are required hand polish, individual numbered for a limited 40 pieces only.
Price, yet to be advised.

I had the first AP Royal Oak Jumbo and that was numbered as XX…Today, this is only 40 Pieces, Who is the lucky one who can afford to own One. I would not hesitate to buy one if I could have that kind of money. Men’s dream and AP Royal Oak, Watch Lovers' dream.
Besides, AP made a decision to enlarge the Royal Oak from a base line of 39mm to 41mm, to meet the trend of "tend to be Larger” So there will be more prominent outlook with the new 41mm size of a Royal Oak you buy in 2012. Definitely it can catch more admirers from distant faraway opposite the Nathan Road.
Nathan Road Snob


James Hunsrao said...

Hi there,

Been eyeing on this one - do you know around how much it will cost and whether possible to buy one in HK?

I have read on a few US sites that it costs around USD33000 - 40000 (HKD270,000 - $320,000).


HK Snob said...

Hi James, APRO lover! I am eyeing on this too in HK as this is the beautiful design, best technology, Gadget, and precious metal colour " Grey"!
I love to buy one, I hope you can me can buy one each, that is 5% of the total World Wide Production of 40 Pieces. I do not know, but from my best of my knowledge, will they sell it at HKD270,000 to HKD$320,000!? I doubt, I guess the list price must exceed HKD$800,000.00
I hope I am wrong and I have no hesitation to get one... anyway, I will check and update you!
APRO lover
HK Snob

Anonymous said...

Hi hk snob, good evening , I need your help, where can i get a good deal for a brand new AP 26470 brown face brown leather with tang buckle? What can you say about carol watch and jewellery centre ? Thanks and more power to your blog

HK Snob said...

Hi kean
Checking now!!

HK Snob