Friday, May 20, 2011

French Celsius X VII II Company Launches LeDIX Tourbillon Watch in a HandPhone

The French Celsius X VI II company which has been considered as pioneer and leader in high-end communication field released new mobile phones and the new clamshell phone Le DIX . This is no more than just a phone, not like Vertu, this has a Flying Tourbillon made by Richard Miller and Confrérie Horlogère design team and exclusively released 18 pieces worldwide.
Inside the Phone
In January of 2011, This style of watch cell phone was jointly made by watchmaker Richard Miller The sleek smooth aerodynamics and streamline design of Le DIX watch cell phone is to some extent like a Ferrari car which is manufactured by polished the grade five titanium metal all over its body and the whole design reflected contemporary beauty perfection.
Watch part adopts luxurious mechanical stopwatch and supports with all items required by the most rigorous connoisseurs including more than 600 mechanical components, A flyback tourbillon with special shock absorber function and transparent sapphire surface to waterproof and anti-abrasion. Well, at this end of the day, will you spend Euro 250,000 for this watch or handphone?
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