Monday, May 2, 2011

Rolex Ref. 1803 Day Date Ferrari Red

I believe that there is less than handful of people who has enough money of HKD6,900 in the 70s and at the same time appreciate such kind of colour of RED. So by today, this is likely the most difficult to find RED DD of Ref. 1803.
This is definitely one of the rarest Rolex Day Date Ref. 1803 as the Dial Ferrari Red! I have been walking through many of the Singapore watch Shops last week with help of Uncle Jack, and almost all the shops in Macao and HK. I could not find out one. The owner of this watch is not me, he is Paul. Paul has been collecting watch for 25 years, I am waiting for him to sell this to me, but that must cost me a big fortune. It comes with Original bracelet, the previous owner is a 77 Years old man who had owned this watch for 20 years, he sold this to Paul two weeks ago. The watch color is rare, same as the Daytona Red, which was the world RECORD for US$170,600.00 in 2004.

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Interesting watch~~~