Monday, January 4, 2010

Watch Shops ta HKIA

There are a few watch shop at HKIA, Tiffany, Cartier, IWC...
From my experience, I find that IWC and Tiffany has the best sales people, as they are more eager to explain to you waht they are selling and they have good knmowledge on their product. At IWC. I am sure you can find those beautiful, kind sales executives like Ruby and Jasmine could provide you a good explanation on their and detail of the structure..

Whereas Cartier... may be I met the green horn, it seems they do not know their product much, even they can not tell difference of Sterling Silver and vermiel... Even What Cartier Santos is!? beleive it or not? go and try.

HK Snob


dkny said...

haha, i'd like to but even ruby and jasmine will ditch me looking at my current watch... lol... anyway, sorry abt the comment moderation thingy... don't worry, if u know what i mean... ;) btw, do u sell all these products your many blogs describe?!?

Feverip said...

Hi Dkny
Most of the watches are my collection and some are belonging friends of mine... Which one you like... tell me first!

HK Snob