Thursday, January 7, 2010

Piaget and Verachon Constantin Thin Watches

Super thin watch is hard to build, though there is no complicated function, since 1960, I started to appreciate thin watch as my father tough me the difficulties in making thin watch.

Nowadays, the watch are huge and thick, I really do not appreciate them.. If the watch trend is big, OK we can make it big, but Do not make it so thick, as this is too easy to make…

SIHH 2020 watch show is ready and we can see Piaget and Vacheron Constantin are preparing some of the simple but ultra thin watch to be displayed.

Piaget has been using painstaking effort in making thin watch since 1957. the 2 mm thick 9P hand wind watch shocked the world, after two years, the Automatic version 12P was official launched in 1960. That was the world record for Automatic watch of 2 mm thickness!

2010, Piaget celebrates his thin watch that has been built for 50 years, they created the 1208P

which is a 2.35 mm automatic watch with 48 hours power reserve , it is the world’s thinnest watch!

This design come with the Antiplano series, 43mm dia. Total thickness is 5.25 mm. World Thinnest Automatic watch with the second hand being located at the 4 o’clock position. Elegancy, thin and beautiful!

Another Watch masterpiece VC, Verachon Constantin builds two watches Historique 1955 and 1968, which was the classic of 50’s and 60’s as for their thin profile and precision.

Historque 1955 fit with a 1003 hand wind caliber which is the World thinnest hand wind watch, Geneve seal, classic circle dial with 18CT gold. Historque 1968 is a classic square adopting 1120 Calibre with a new rotor, Geneve Seal. Since it is not as easy as you can think to design and fabricate thin watch, These two greatest watches might create some of the new trend of watch fashion. Large, thin, simple and classic...

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