Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rolex GMT master II

This is a Rolex GMT Master II, a discontinued model since 2006.

A simple reliable, sturdy, water proof and not-too-expensive watch from Rolex.

Worth your passion to use daily for work, sport or even swimming...

HK Snob


Novous said...

How do you differentiate between a fake and orginal Rolex GMT master II

HK Snob said...

Hi Novous,

Rolex is the world most famous watch and hence a lot of copy watches

Previous Copy Rolex was from Taiwan in 1990’s now almost 70% is from China,
And due to profit is so high and the technology is so advance, there is sometime shard to tell the real Rolex is..

Before people taught us to weigh the watch, heavy is real and lighter one is Fake. Now we can not use it anymore…as everyone can make the weight heavier… Especially grade A Fakes!


We still can tell how Fake Rolex looks like

The dial, authentic one is so delicate, clear sharp and even on the printing
The dial is very flat, and there is no blur on the printing…
The screw thread on the crown and the bottom cover of the watch has clear deep cut
When you unscrew and pull out the crown, the real one has a thicker shaft and having no play, fake one having a smaller shaft and lot of play
The Real new one has friction you can feel about it when you rotate the Crown as there are O-ring inside the pin for water proof. Fake one.. No have!

The laser “ROLEX” marker inside the watch at side of the dial is so vivid for Real Rolex.
Not everyone can copy that as that Equipment is So expensive and Rolex has super tight control on the cosmetic on laser marks.

The bezel is so well defined number and marking on Real one , but not on fake
The Cyclops has 2.5 times magnifying power for real one and the “ Date” is very clear and large. The Fake one has less magnifying power and the printing of date is not clear.

The Rolex Making on the buckle is deep cut and clear on real on, Fake one is vague.

The Laser maker “ of Rolex Crown” on the bottom of the Sapphire at “6 Oclock position is indicting the watch is Real , use a LED light torch to shine at an Angle will show the logo of it..
All new watch from the 2003 should have this logo

Look that this video

The Steel of Real Rolex is high speed Carbon steel and the surface finishing is so refined and smooth as it was made by Robot for Polishing.,.. Fake one surface finishing is uneven and rougher!

Look at the people who wear Fake and one who wear Real, from the people , you can roughly tell which one fake! Really?!

Look at this video and the later one is real… same for GMT master II, as a guide line

HK Snob

Anonymous said...

Im going to hk on feb and was wondering where i can buy the lowest price gmt ii either new or pre owned. If you have prices already, it would be of big help. Thanks!


HK Snob said...

I can gte you a new Rolex GMT Master II at Rolex AD at HKD$61,200
with X% discount. for used watch, see my recent shop list on the pre-owned watch shop...Mail me

HK Snob