Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rolex and Precision

Rolex is a kind of well-accpeted brand name in Hong Kong as a Watch, and this kind of watch can maintain certain kind of High quality. Rolex does not change much in the design, they are not out-dated as they have a very unique line of model n the past 50 years. Rolex is the only one comoany that is in the 100 best brands ranked at 77. They are not hand make in the scale of Patek Philippe, not as Elegant as Cartier design.

There is a lot special patent and design feature no one has for watches. Most of the Oyster series are Swiss Official certified Chronometers! The only company that produce most of the Chronmeters in Switzerland. This is engraved on te dial of your oyster and come with a red seal when you purchase this piece of watch. People says that Watch does not need to be accurate. I say watch basic requirement is to be accurate...if not, do not call it watch! Do you think Patek Phillipe is not accurate!? Very Accurate! They have a PPM of 50 or less. PPM stands for Part Per Millions, say if my Rolex is gaining 3 seconds a day, means that it has a PPM of 3/3600x24 x 1,000,000 = 34.72 PPM!

That is made with every tough requirement on the parts of each of the wheels, temperature compenstaion of the fly-wheel, and a pain taking adjustment on the 5 positions of the watch. This is no Fake watch of any kind can produce at this kind of precision! Some one told me that they can adjust the watch to be accurate on those Fake version, I tell you : Forget it! So I always say to myself, Rolex is value for Money!

HK Snob

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