Thursday, June 22, 2017

Watch for Golfer

Many semiconductor business executives play golf in the Philippines, Bangkok, Shenzhen, Seoul…

They told me, if you want to get an equipment purchase order from the Korean Semiconductor houses, Play golf…

It triggers me a question, What watches I should go for Golf?



The concern is if the watch will be able to survive under the vigorous swing acceleration of 60G?

There’s risk of shock to the movement or loosening of parts. We’ve seen their watch hands rolling around inside the crystal after a game!

The average male golfer swings a driver at a speed of around 80 mph. When the driver hits the golf ball off of the tee, it sends a shock up the shaft of the golf club to the golfer’s hand, and then to the watch, then to the balance spring shaft, that shock could possibly disastrous to cause the shaft tip broken though the INCABLOC should take up 99% of the shock. But who knows. Accident could happen! Besides, the impact can cause the hairspring to jump and parts to become loose, and cause the watch go Malfunction or loss of accuracy!

Experience told us these watches are prone to get damages:-

Thin gold dress watch

Complicated watch as Tourbillon or perpetual calendar, needless mention Repeater…

A Solid gold watch is soft and easy to get dents,

Rolex Submariner Ref 116610LN US$8,000

Phil Mickelson and Rolex Cellini

Rolex Cellini US$5,000

Bubba Watson 's RM038

2011 RM038 Euro 459,500

Golfing Watches

Professional golfers don’t tend to wear watches during gameplay, with the exception of a few. While Phil Mickelson prefers a Rolex Cellini, Bubba Watson is known for his Richard Milles. Super lightweight on the wrist, with a variable-inertia balance wheel that helps it withstand accelerations of over 500-G’s. Unfortunately, these watches are too expensive for some of us.

Sportier dive watches like the Rolex Submariner are made to withstand intense underwater pressure. It should be able to handle the shock of a driver coming into contact with a golf ball.


Or, consider a quartz. Quartz watches are affordable, durable, and lightweight—a great option for golf.. In 2005, TAG Heuer launched the first ever “professional golf watch” with a quartz movement, scratch resistant titanium case, and lightweight rubber strap. It even boasted Tiger Woods as an ambassador.


I had a discussion with many of the HK watch sales Managers, their comment on Watch for Golf is
best Rolex Submariner…other than that, a Nautilius, a Royal Oak, a Vacheron Constantin, Piaget, Frank Muller will be at risk! They are not designed for Golfing.

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