Thursday, June 15, 2017

It Happens!

Theses are some of the fact about what I have experienced over the recent five years.

Have you seen a watch that is brand new at Boutique that when you press the Chronograph button, it does not work?

Have you seen that when the salesman receives the watch from Swiss, that he find the second hand is dropped out under the crystal, that the watch is priced more than USD$200,000.

I have ordered an Pink Gold Automatic watch for my client in Philippines, and my sales manager at the AD called me,… I almost fainted, as he told me the watch does not work, It failed to move! That makes me shocked as I had only three days to find such a watch to deliver to my client… that watch is Selling at list price HK$251,000.

Have you seen that a Brand new top watch brand in the world. The client checked the watch at the AD shop, and surprises to find that there is an obvious scratch line on the solid gold rotor under the sapphire bottom plate? You would ask is that possible?

I have tried to sell a watch which has been using zenith movement on the chronograph function, that was a solid white gold watch with meteorite dial, when I tried to start the chrono counter, the hands did not move!

There is a prestige watch brand that is new and watch is not working the second day after the purchase…

It does not move at all after running for about 48 hours… even though you wind up the watch manually full, and it does not move… and they replace it to you free immediately.

So Next time when you buy a Watch no matter it is a Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin… IWC, JLC… whatever….

You don’t assume that the watch is perfect, it may happen some of the things that you don’t want to, you don’t expect to… happen…


Check the function carefully, especially complicated watch with Chronograph or perpetual calendar function…

I like the watch that when I hold it gently and start to wind up the crown… after a few rounds, it starts to move by itself instead of applying jerking swing it to start! That is a good watch…

Well, there is over 2,500,000 * watches shipping to Hong Kong Every year, the failure rate is very low… may be 100* ppm.. so Hope that you don’t have that LUCK to receive such watches… (my estimated numbers only)


HK Snob


sk said...

happen to me couple of weeks ago. I check all time functions, checked all complications, all good.

took it on 3 days trip in China, on the way back on the plane to HK, the complication failed, the time function works ok.

Buyers beware! good news is shop gave me full refund.

HK Snob said...

Yes, must buy from a Trustworthy and responsible Shop or dealer.
HK Snob