Saturday, February 4, 2017

Watch Restoration

Before Polishing

Before Polishing



After Polishing


After Polishing

After Polishing

When your watch has been used for ten, twenty years, it would carry some of your historical MARKS or Activities Records in form of hair line scratches....or even dents.

Well, it could be OK as this is a watch that cannot be perfectly no scratches, but to certain extent, that day comes that you cannot tolerate it ... or you want to put a new clothes on it...

you can consider Polishing it...

No matter Rolex, Tudor, Cartier, IWC, AP, VC, they can be sent to their Dealer Service centre to make a polishing, but we can also offer a fast and special hand polishing service for it.

If there is serious dents or damages that some of the corner sharpness is worn off, gone... we can use Laser wedding to weld then re-polishing it as NEW...

For PWC members, I can take care of it to bring to one of the BEST service centres in Hong Kong, or I should say in Asia to make a special handling for it.

HK Snob

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