Friday, February 17, 2017

Rolex Day Date Ref 118238 Brand New Full Set Available at Rolex AD shop today,

Need only a bit money to buy such a great stuff from Rolex
It is a Rare Brand New In Box Full Set Day Date with Onyx Dial.
With 5 year warranty.

It has been arrived Hong Kong after we order from Rolex Swiss.

This is the second one we order after the first one with Coral Dial (Sold in the next day)

yes, Onyx, it is not black paint, not Stella, it is Onyx...

Onyx is mentioned in the Bible many times.

Onyx was not only used as protection from evil witchcraft and enchantments, it could also control undesirable thoughts and bad tempers. It was thought the stone allowed wounds to heal and assisted in childbirth. This is an old Pagan belief adopted by the Christian Church. The Abbey Church of St Alban holds a healing onyx engraved with the image of Aesculapius, the Roman god of medicine. Black onyx was once highly prized for rosary beads, which may be why it is considered good for stress and the banishment of grief.

A lot of luxury brand like Piaget, VC, Rolex, PP, had been actively using Onyx on their watches especially in the year 70-80s especially on dress watch...

Nowadays, almost less than 0.001% watches are made with Onyx by Rolex  a year as due to the trend of going sporty, and it is very expensive to made comparing with the ordinary dial mad of bronze or even white gold, Platinum whatever.

Anyway, if you want to stand up in a different format with your wrist.

This may be the choice....

HK Snob

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