Sunday, November 6, 2016

Watch Repair, Cleaning and Polishing Services for Philippine Watch Fever readers

If you have any watches that you want to make a full service in HK, HKWF can help you and We can bring you watch to HK for Service at a very famous Watch Repair Centre...
They will make a full inspection and in case part required with give you a quote first.
Price is very reasonable and we will hand carry back to you by hand.. no hassle, no trouble.

Watches like:-
PP, AP VC, Rolex, Tudor, Piaget, Cartier, RM, Panerai...etc

Even Rolex does not take it for repair. Rolex service centre does not have a full record of you watch and they do not service, we do.

Service including, inspection, time adjustment, Water proof test, overhaul, case polishing, restoration of gold bracelet.

Time for such services
Within two to three weeks, the watch will be delivered to you by hand in Manila.

Our Charges is reasonable.

HK Snob

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