Saturday, November 5, 2016

Rolex Submariner no Date Ref 14060 On sale


This is one of the watch that minimalists like; No date, two liners, as those are not necessary for a Dive Watch.
Year 1997.

The bezel has been changed to beautiful blue or a bit greyish blue after 25 years.

The T-25 Dial is about to start to change colour.

Price HK$33,500

HK Snob


Unknown said...

Hi Snob,

Wondering if you know how much a Rolex date just 2 41mm case with mop goes for approx?


HK Snob said...

DJ II 116300 smooth bezel List price HK$55,500 AD less 10%, gray less 20%
DJ II 116334 Fluted bezel List price HK$67,000 AD less 10%, gray less 20%
DJ II MOP yet to be found, I ask Rolex first