Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rolex Day Date Stella Series Red Dial with Chinese Character

Rolex has produced a lot of beautiful Day Date model since 1956, knowing that a lot of collectors in the world eventually go to collect Day Date as one of their expenisve bad habbit after the Submariner, Daytona, Explorer, GMT Master, DeepSea, Datejust, Yachtmaster collection.

Why? because there are a lot of colour, various kinds of material for dial like Gem, mineral, stone, wood, fossil, silk screen lacque printing, coat of arms, stampped Rolex pattern, Different type of date such as Arabian, Thai or Chinese language, decoration by diamond on dial, on bezel, on case for your collection… it makes me crazy…and this is hard to collect all possible colour and dial combination, even though you have that kind of money and time…

Attached two one in Red and one in light blue is my dream Day Date…I have begged the owner to sell me the one in Red! The dial was hand made in Italy!
He was not willing to sell unless he has found another one….Oh! that May take years!

HK Snob


Anonymous said...

Stella Red Day-Date is my Dream Watch Too!!!!!!!

HK Snob said...

Me too, I have been collecting Rolex for ovr 20 years, I have seen once for real... Only in Catalogiue., But my friend does not want to see... as he said, he is also searching for many years...Hope one day he needs money... haha
HK Snob

florianvanlaar said...

Hi , I live in Amsterdam. I have a 18kt Gold Day date President, with a brushed bracelet, and a hand made bright red color face, hand made by Rolex Swiss. It is Coral..!

I would like to sell.
Make me an offer. You can have it appraised ofcourse, at your request.
Florian van Laar Netherlands.

HK Snob said...

Hi Florian
That is about US$10,000-17,000, however final price is depending on actual watch conditon
HK Snob

lucky said...

Hi florian
I have interesting in your day date i think the value is around 20000$
i like to see some pic

lucky said...

Hi florian
I have interest in your day date,
I think the value is around 20000$
send me some pic please

HK Snob said...

Hi Lucky
YOur are right, that is the price. Well, may be you can talk to him directly

Tell me if you can get it

Florian in Holland

Good Luck Rolex Fan!!

HK Snob