Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cortebert 1968 manual Winding Watch

Cortébert has a very poorly documented history. The brand name is currently owned by Italian watch manufacturer Perseo, and production under the Cortébert brand name has stopped in the mid-1970s. Cortébert used to be one of the highest regarded premium watch brands, manufacturing their own movements, supplying movements to other brands such as Rolex and introducing the jump-hour arrangement. When the quartz crisis hit the industry in the '70s, the majority of prestige brands ceased production including Cortébert. Others have already been resurrected (Baume et Mercier admits, while most companies like to pretend their production was continuous) and today Cortébert is the only remaining brand that has potential to be restored to its historic status.
This is one of my Cortebert I got from the HK Watch Guru Kiu Tai Yu in 1986, this is a gold bezel watch, manual winding watch, I have not been cleaned this watch over the last 28 Years. I have not wiped this watch and I seldom wear it.. or hardly wore it at all.
This is one of the Old good watch that brand has gone with the wind… it brings me only memorial and sweet story of my life back into 1980! This is a re-conditioned dial, funny part of it is the Chinese wrote it : "unbreaxable Sping!" Wrong spelling!!
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