Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rolex Survives from the Top of the World to the Bottom of the Sea

On 23 Jan 1960, a Rolex was carried with the Trieste on his virgin historic dive to 10,916 Metres at World’s deepest place under Mariana Trench at the west Pacific Ocean, near Guam.
After 52 years, on 26 March 2012, Nat Geo Explorer in –residence James Cameron, on board the Deepsea Challenge prepared for go deeper. Another new Rolex is part of the deep dive Expedition: A Rolex Sea Dweller marked Deepsea Challenge.
Rolex builds its most popular Sport watch for many fans over the years, Submariner is still the best seller of all the professional diver watch.
The Company, Rolex itself is unique in that it is still privately owned and that the principal shareholder is a private family trust all of whose profits are given to charity. Due to this unique structure it does not have to concern itself with short-term profit goals and can therefore plan for the long term. Rolex is one of the largest producer for Hi Quality Chronometers in Switzerland after, Rolex does not have Tourbillon, nor repeater, However, Rolex is without doubt the most recognized watch in the world, what is not so well known is that the modern Rolex is the basis of almost all modern watches. The waterproof case, the self winding movement, the date window in the dial, the GMT two time zone watch and the diving watch are all Rolex inventions. Go to your near Rolex Authorized Dealer and put down your VISA Credit card then…Select a Rolex DeepSea or Submariner or you!

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