Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rolex 15200 Date

This model is very basic and does not come with the fluted or machines bezel. The bezel on this watch is smooth and very plain looking. It is all time favourite work horse for men and women. Right size, right tone, right price and right Rolex Quality, can be used for all occasions, a friend of mine a VP for a Taiwanese company use this watch for 20 years, never been having any trouble, he did not send it to Rolex centre for service, even he came to walk with me for 100Km Trail walker with this watch for three years.
It is basic watch with Date, perpetual calendar, oyster strap, stainless still, nothing is made of gold, this is good for those people who is allergy for gold!
This example shows the Rolex registered design of the watch case. This particular watch is the 15200 design which is all stainless steel in construction.
Many older Rolex watches can still be found that have the original green hologram on the back of the watch case.
It is interesting that on this watch, the original hologram label has a Rolex crown that is a cross between the older Rolex crown design and the newer versions. The balls are larger as in the newer designs, but the length of the crown spires are still shorter than the older versions.

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