Saturday, February 4, 2012

What we would buy for your beloved one in Saint Valentines’ Day?

* Courtesy of Cartier

Life is a time-series of romances a continuum of events and eipsodes that takes us through all peaks and valleys, something faster than we can feel. Time moves in haste, but one thing for sure makes its stand still:Love! Buy a watch for your wife, mistress, parents, daughters and sons... that will keep your intimate relationhsip last till that watch can move...Someone says that it is not necesary to buy anything other than a bunch of flowers.
I would rather prefer watch as whenever she looks at the watch, she might remember you.
Of course if you can afford, buy a Rolex, as its value would likely been maintaining as money tends to depreciating year after year.
For those who are still not going to marry or your budget is limited. You can consider something functional, unique and beautiful. We have found that Lancaster Italy has some beautiful creation of watch, likely not too expensive, in the range of HKD$2,000.
This Lancaster Italy Bongo men's watch is a real Italian statement watch. The sharp black dial along with the black rubber band is sure to dazzle all your friends. It is for men.
How about a gift for girl, well, Rolex Ref 179175, 178274, 179171, 179173, 179171, 178240 or if budget allows go for a Ref 179159. Needless to say a Submariner Ref 116610 LV for after-office usage. If budget is tight, a Technomarine, a Philip Stern, Longines, Movado or a Swatch!

How about a Cartier Ballon Bleu W69002Z2 Pink Gold White Gold with inlaid Diamonds for the sophisticated feminine lady? It does not matter what kind of watch, so long it is from you she will like it.
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