Monday, February 20, 2012

Jaeger LeCoultre Futurematic


I have seen a lot of Gold plated Jaeger LeCoultre Futrurematic. This is Solid Gold just has been restored.

It is very Stylish with Art Deco design arrangement of Dial.

Red Indicator on the left is power reserve Indicator. An interesting Watch with hidden crown. However if you are easy to sweat in Summer, you had better do not wear it, as the sweat will easily goes into the watch through the gap between the crown and the case.

The Automatic winding is running by a tiny swinging hammer with two spring dampers on both end of the rotating axis. The Winding up efficency is low comparing with centrifugal rotor.

HK Snob


pL said...

Hi, I'm travelling in HK now and am looking for the Jaeger Master Ultra Thin Moon 39. Do you know what the best price would be, and where's good to get it at the TST area?

HK Snob said...
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HK Snob said...

Go check with Halewinner Mongkok
talk to lung Koh "龍哥" 27811073
喜 運 隹 彌敦道6OI號創興廣場BC鋪
tel 26251099, 27811073

Say Watch fever refers you there

If they have the stock, they may goive good price to you.
HK Snob