Friday, July 15, 2011

The McIntosh Mantle Clock

A Simple Patek Quartz Clock disguised a Supper Hi End Audio Equipment.
I did not make mistake to put Hi Fi Amplifier on my Watch Blog!The Master Clock System from Patek Philippe the would-be love child of the venerable Swiss watchmaker and super high-end audio make McIntosh. It looks like McIntosh has answered our calls and actually made a clock of their own, without the help of Patek or anyone else. It is constructed with the same beautiful Lake Warm Blue panel and glass in the same dimensions of a McIntosh Power Amplifier. Price!? USD$2,000.00 Cheap as you know how much McIntosh build their Chassis? Or you can use this new McIntosh plinth to put your 1969 MC2100 Power Amplifier in.. Awesome!

HK Snob

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