Thursday, July 28, 2011

Asia First Tourbillon made by Kiu Tai Yu

In 1088, Su Song and Han Gong Lian, the scientists of China created an astronomical clock tower which was more than thirty feet high. The observing devices rotated mechanically and they indicated or pointed the mobile celestial bodies. Therefore we firmly believed that it was China who made history in the chapter of Clock making earlier than The Swiss.

The work of Kiu Tai Yu wanted to show the Western world that the rich heritage and skill of watch making is still present in china. Kiu Created his premier mechanical watch in 1970. He succeeded in fabricating the first Asian escapement sans pallets in 1978. The prolific watch crafter is the father of many innovative Kiu Tai Yu watches but his métier is in creating tourbillion. After making various types of tourbillion watch, he finally attained the job of uncovering world’s first ‘Mystery Tourbillion’ watch in 1993. This creation followed a series of other tourbillion watches. His passion for Kiu Tai Yu watches ultimately paved the path for achieving some patents of tourbillion invention in Switzerland.
However there was debate that Beijing Watch Co. and Mr. Kiu Tai Yu of Hong Kong's World Wide House both claim the distinction of being the first to make tourbillons in China. Indeed Mr. Kiu claims to be the first in Asia. In 1985, I started to buy watch from Kiu, the first one was a 14k Bubble back Rolex Oyster HKD$5,000.00.

And few pieces of watch like Repeater of the 18th Century in Sterling Silver cases, some 18K Yellow Gold IWC and Longines. etc. That was the reason why he bought house in North Point in cash, the day he showed me the money in a Envelope. He has a huge collection of Good watches… he is a Watch and Clock lover…Here shows the 1997 Mystery Flying Tourbillon No.12 is also full of Chinese classic decorative elements. Kiu is till active in watch selling, repairing and making, his watch atelier is in World Wide Centre.

He is a nice, polite and decent man. I hd just talked to his wife yesterday and Wish Kiu would recover from his illness soonest.
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