Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Magic and Charisma of Daytona

If you ask me once more, if I had money to buy just one watch for my life, no question, I would prefer Daytona... As it is durable, accurate, solid build, functional and beautiful, Massive if that is made of Gold. One drawback of Daytona is not having any Day display!

I may not like stainless steel as there are 57% of this watch in Hong Kong are fake... Gold one, if you can make fake one, I think the only choice is o for Gold plating say 20 microns.... that is a high cost for them to back off..... So 97.3% of the gold Rolex in this City is genuine! Why Not? Also I do not like Ceramic, Titanium, Alumina, and mica mixed with ceramic as the basic watch material, well, that is something cheapo abundant on earth....Only Precious metal is my favourite preference as Patinuum, Pink Gold, White Gold, yellow gold, Stainless steel.

This is a watch I just bought 2 hours ago! It is accuracte, running at +2 seconds per day on my auto winding machine... We will see how it goes on my wrist!

HK Snob

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