Sunday, November 8, 2009

Seiko Automatic Generating System Watch

Seiko’s Quartz watch breakthrough in history with the its AGS or Automatic Generating System . Introduced in Germany , Jan. 1988 , it was the world’s first quartz watch to use an automatic power generating system . The auto pendulum or rotor is swung by movement of the wrist and this goes through a gear chain and multiplied by 100 .

This in turn spins a power-generator at high speed to produce a current and charges a capacitor which in turn feeds the time circuits. High technology and cutting edge in the 80s ; It has now been developed further in the guise of the Seiko Kinetic but AGS was the name only on the first models . The watch can stay up with 75 hours power reserve by the capacity. I think it has the advantage of both accuracy and enviornment friendily as it does not need a battery cell at all!

Attched is a rare sample of Seiko A.G.S. One photo shows the rotor in use as what we are using on our Automatic Watch.

Another one is the display of the two coils, one for the drivr for the step motor to energize the movement of the watch.

The last picture reviel the capacitor to store up the kenetic energy from the rotating rotor for power of the quartz and the electronic IC chips.

Nowadays, Seiko AGS watch is named with "Kenetic"!

HK Snob

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