Sunday, December 6, 2009

Emporio Armani Watch

Emporio Armani has launched a new series of Watch of High Flyer Design!This is one of them and is not easily been found in most of the shops. They have also launched the Asia limited of 1,000 pieces of other bold and neat design, I will capture and share with you all later!

Being a Watch collector, sometimes, we also would like to wear some of the different design as a fashion wear, not limited to the High end stuff from Geneve! As they are not as friendily in price with this watch... HK Snob


Mike said...

Hey..Such a nice collection of watches here, I have got Citizen Watches, brand watches, Armani Ladies Watches and citizen ladies watches with the help of Armani Jewelry.

Feverip said...

Hi MIke,
Wow, I lot of Beautiful Armani watches... Will check and see..

HK Snob