Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Genuine Leather for your Panerai

A beautiful girl needs a good looking skirts as likely as a beautiful watch needs an attractive strap.
Quality of a Strap is important as this involve the material being used, the way to select the leather,
The treatment of leather such as stone washed process, the use of fine waxed string to stitch,  and how to put apply thin layer of  treatment on the leather makes a watch strap long lasting and last tautly and stays softly on your wrist.
Many famous watch’s strap is OEM by some of the makers, Even some of the top 10 big Names don’t make their strap. So if you know the OEMs that make good strap at reason able good price is a great news for watch users, as a leather strap will be needed to be replaced after a few years for appearance, and hygienic reason.
Readers have asked me where to get some of the finery replacement leather strap. I got some and these for your choice. If you are interested, you can purchase in some of the shops in HK.
These are all 24 mm which is good for your Italian Dive watch!
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

Zenith ChronoMaster "El Primero" Black Dial SS case for Sale

It comes with Waranty Paper, See through bottom, HKDS28,000

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Rolex Collectors' Day Date Ref 1803, 1804 and 1805

These are some of the Day Date.
Yellow gold 1803, white gold 1804 and Platinum 1805 with smooth bezel.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dunhill Millenium Chronograph EL Primero movement on sale

Zenith El Primero was being used on Rolex Daytona before 1999, has been a proven reliable accurate movement.

This is gentlemen dress watch made by Dunhill, in 18KT Two Tone, 40mm is the right size as a dress watch.

PS Sold 27 Oct 2014

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Maurice Lacroix 40mm Chronograph on Sale

The Movement is ETA 7750, a renowned movement used all many watches such as IWC Top gun, and Tudor Chronograph.

95% new , only HKD$6,800

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My faulty Tissot T touch first Generation can get a new replacement

My Beautiful Tissot T-Touch 1st gen.

Tissot large Ad at The One Tissot AD

I used to have three Tissot T Touch, with two of them Titanium and one stainless steel.
The one I bought in 2008 was a First generation T-touch. It got faulty with all the function gone.
I decided to go to Tissot asking for repair.

They have no more PCB circuit board for the first generation T-Touch. and I was asked to get a replacement of 2nd Generation (third generation? I m not so sure as of this moment) with a payment of HKD$2,000.

They will send me the watch from Tissot Swiss and They will scrap my beautiful Design Tissot T-touch.

I think  Tissot has a great service to those who are their supporters, I was the first few who bought the watch.

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