Saturday, February 13, 2016

Watch Fever Gathering moved to Kowloon City.

The Stone House Café where we enjoyed the whole afternoon with over ten watch collectors today

Surrounding area of the Stone House Café

During the Song Dynasty (960-1279), Kowloon City was a part of Kwun Fu Cheung (官富場), which was a part of salt yard governed by Chinese officials. Part of the district was the location of the original Kowloon Walled City, erected during the Qing Dynasty.
Kowloon Walled City was a densely populated, largely ungoverned settlement area in Kowloon City. Originally a Chinese military fort, the Walled City became an enclave after the New Territories were leased to Britain in 1898. Its population increased dramatically following the Japanese occupation at World War II. There were 33,000 residents within its (6.4-acre) borders by 1987.
From the 1950s to the 1970s, it was controlled by Triads and had high rates of prostitution, gambling, and drug deals. I was living at the Tong Tau  Estate just opposite the Kowloon Walled City during my entire primary school education.
I had witnessed those sex shows with just 5 dollars,  (Witnessed means I was aware, did not mean I entered the show), prostitutions, and watching drug addicts took heroin inside the alley that no police was allowed to enter.

Chinese 12 zodiac is here... Starting with the top one clockwise: Yellow Gold Day Date Ref 118238, Daytona 116520, AP Royal Oak, GMT Master II Green Pointer Ref 116710LN, IWC, Submariner in Yellow Gold 116618LB, DeepSea D Blue, Submariner Hulk, Day Date 18239, 1803 white gold in oyster rivet bracelet. The one in centre is Patek Philippe Calatrava with enamel dial.
The Centre one is Monkey, My one is Rooster as I was born in 1957!

Two White Gold Day Date

Rolex Day Date 1803 in White Gold,  Saturday, "Six" date of the Chinese new year.
Someone told me just the bracelet is HKD$200,000!

 JAPAN mastermind ( Japan) g-shock FROGMAN GWF-1000MM-1JRBLACK 28, Now it is selling HK$72,000
Will you buy this with HKD$72,000 Well, there is only 200 Pieces world wide.
This recall my the good old time on Swatch collection during 1988-1992!
Today, we selected this Stone House Café as one of the places for our gathering…it is just about 15 minutes away from Lok Fu MTR station. 

It is an open air, a sausage, a brewed coffee, a Submariner, or a Date Just! If you can interested in, join us.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

WANTED: Seiko model Arctura SLQ003J1

Wanted Seiko Four Eyes Kenetic
Seiko Arctura Model SLQ003J1, good condition, full set preferred, Price USD$1,200 min. cash depending condition of watch.

Whatsapp me at  +639989811111  if you have this watch to let go...
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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Watch Wanted : Jaeger LeCoultre Grand Master Ultra Thin in Pink Gold

We want this watch Jaeger LeCoultre Ref Q1352520 master grand Ultra Thin

Watch Should be in Mint or excellent condition 8-9/10, used.

Full set, We pay HKD$43,000 approx., price can be discussed.

Only if you want to let go, we can discuss more ...

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Patek Philippe on sale

We have these Model of PP



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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Chinese's Superstition and belief

Is Chinese Superstitious! Yes to certain extent…

Such as Number, Cantonese does not like Number 4, we like 2, 3, 8, 9 (easy, live, rich, enough)

We don’t like to wipe the house on the first day of Chinese New year.

We don't want to visit friend on 3rd day of Chinese new year.

Well, there are more… say we wish to be the first one, or the first few who could put the joss stick at Wong Tai Sin temple the Chinese new year eve… that cabn be return with buddha’s support…in the whole year through,

We will borrow money from Guanyin and people say they are really work… ? so I don’t need a bank loan at all.

We blame the failure of the business of career because of bad luck or simply because of the “Little People” that is someone who is always going against your will, direction or some nasty person in the office?


Well, Chinese are good at making thing for the need of the people, we describe this good marketing… and these are the new year launched tools you can but at Taobao.

The “Kill the nasty person Shoes” that when you walk actually your stepping on them, “Squeeze them to hell!”

I think it works, as if you feel you are standing on them… well, in the point of  psychology you are on the winning side and does you feel better!?

That is already paid off…

My wife is ordering one pair for me…   LOL!! Love her as I will have new shoes again…

Well, to be fair, there are a lot of Superstitious people in Hong Kong, on the other hand there are more who do not believe it…

Well, to be true, In the CHINESE new year, we can always see a lot of Gold Rolex as Gold Rolex in Chinese means “ good fortune” already…
What watch you wear today!?

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This is third day of the Chinese new Year 3rd Day..
I hope it is not too late...
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Pleasure of Hand writing in the Chinese new year

Rolex Ref 1803 Platinum with turquoise dial

There is a chance for me to leave the work and go home, whilst in this time of chaos, when people can dare to throw bricks at the policeman, which I believe that Police would not hesitate to shoot at least using plastic bullet into the mob.... in New York, of real bullet in Netherlands.

Well, people should not destroy the freedom that we have now in HK, or the PLA will match into the border from Shenzhen into Hong Kong...

Other than this kind of unpleasant event in the FIRST day of the Chinese new year... I started to prepare writing using my pen, ink and paper, it is cheaper than any movie I can afford...

Hand writing is a way to calm down my brain, make a training on the synchronization between hand and brain.. it is a exercise for my body harmony... it is fun. and I discover that If I am not calm, I cannot write at all.

It took me 6 hours o write and I found only one is OK to be classified as "pass"!
I have been wiring for 26 years but still the hand writing is not as good as all, as my brain is contaminated with money, Rolexperience and Sexperience...

I think only one day I can write better is after I convert myself into a Monk in a temple after my retirement from the company I am working...

Let's see... it is not far away, I am 59 now.

I hope that HK a real peaceful place for everyone to live... no more street fighting, blood or gun shooting... casualties in case of loss control at the situation...

PS, Rolex Day Date Platinum in Stella turquoise or Ox blood is one of my dream watches.

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The Story of the Legendary Omega Seamaster 300

The Seamaster 300 was first released in 1957 as a part of Omega's trilogy of "Masters" professional tool watches ----- the Seamaster for divers, the anti-magnetic Railmaster for engineers and scientists, and the Speedmaster for race car drivers (that's right, it was never intended to go to the moon initially). 

The Seamaster line of watches has been in existence since 1948, but those before the SM300 were really little more than dress type watches with limited water resistance ability.  The SM300 was Omega's answer to the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms and the Rolex Submariner, released a few years prior.  The "SM300" moniker was a bit misleading because it was only rated at 200 m water resistance, but Omega insisted that was due to the limitation of their testing equipment which had a maximum scale of 200 m.  Omega was confident the watch could go all the way down to 300 m without problem.   

All three "Masters" models initially shared the same broad arrow hands, non-screw down Naiad crown, and basic overall case design. 

The first SM300 ref.CK2913 had a case diameter of 39 mm.  Being 1957, some of the early ones probably had radium on the dial, hands, and bezel for luminescence. Due to serious health concerns, the use of radium on watches was finally banned in the late 1950s/early 1960s.

The broad arrow hour hand disappeared shortly after 1960 when the case ref.# was changed to CK14755, and then later to 165.014 in 1962.

The ref. CK2913, CK14755, and 165.014 were very similar watches with differences in the type of hands used, and minor dial and movement updates.  They continued to use the same cases and bezels, and no date function was available.  The three models also saw a transition from using radium to the new material (for that era), tritium.

On the CK14755, the broad arrow hour hand remained in use briefly, but the broad arrow was soon moved from the hour hand to the minute hand, and sometime later, the small arrow tip second hand appeared.  The dials of the CK2913 and the CK14755 appeared to be identical.

The 165.014 brought a new set of hands.  While the arrow tip second hand was carried over, the hour and minute hands became straight baton or "candlestick" shaped.  The dial displayed a different font for the "Seamaster 300" script, as well as the numbers "3", "6", "9", and "12" at the quarter hour positions.  Unlike the previous two reference models, the hour markers (which used to be triangular) were redesigned to rectangular shapes.  The case remained at 39 mm, and still has the same straight lugs, used the same bezel design, and also the same crown.

The CK14755 and the 165.014 were transitional models between the early CK2913 and the upcoming ref.165024.


The next and final SM300 model was the ref.165024/166024, produced from 1962-69.  The 166024 is the same as a 165024, with a quickset date function.  It was said Omega had begun working on this new model as early as 1962, but the first watches were not available to authorized dealers until sometime in 1963 or even as late as 1964. 

The no date version came out first, with baton hour/minute hands and arrow tip second hand, Naiad crown, and the dial carried over from the previous ref.165.014.  The cal.552, 24 jewel automatic movement was also used in the CK14755 and the 165.014.  The bezel and the case were redesigned.  The 40 mm rotating bezel now has 60 minute divisions with 60 clicks.  The case has been enlarged to 42 mm (in keeping with the Speedmaster), and the lug width was increased to 20 mm from the previous 19 mm.  Gone were the straight lugs, they were redone in a twisted style like the Speedmaster's.  The date feature was added no earlier than 1966, more likely in 1967 due to the fact that calibre 565 was being developed in 1966 and used in the ref.166024 version.  Probably at around the same time, with the introduction of 166024, the famous "broad sword" (hour) hand replaced the baton hour hand that was being used on the 165024.


Beginning in 1966, the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) began negotiation with Omega regarding the specification for a diver's watch for the Royal Navy and military.  The MOD's spec. and a drawing of the prototype of this watch looked almost eerily identical to the existing SM300 165024.  The military specification included a "T" in circle on the dial, denoting tritium was being used for luminescence; a tritium filled inverted big triangle marker at 12 o'clock position, replacing the original number "12"; military serial #s engraved on the case back; spring bars permanently welded to the lugs; broad "sword" (hour) hands; a screw down crown for improved water resistance, and a 20 mm width NATO strap in "admiralty grey".  The remaining specification was already fulfilled by the SM300 as is without the need for further modification.

Three of these military inspired features made their way into civilian watches, and soon became available to the public in or after 1967.  The big triangle marker and the screw down crown were two such features, however, the broad sword hand seemed to be already in use before the MOD meeting. 

Please note not all 1967 and later SM300s had the big triangle on the dial; Omega continued to make the version with the Arabic number "12" also, therefore the ones with the big triangle are especially desirable and such models are much sought after today by collectors.

The Phoenix Strap company was the original supplier of NATO straps for the British military, and it is still in business today.  I bought a new admiralty grey strap from the company for around $17 pounds.


By the end of the 1960s, Omega no longer planned to continue producing the SM300, and the last watches were assembled and sold as 1970 models.  The successor to the SM300 was the SM600 "Ploprof", another famous Omega and much sought after collector's item, but less aesthetic and practical as a regular daily wear wristwatch.


An interesting side note about military watches:

The British MOD had used a number of different watches for their military departments.  After the early 1970s, the Royal Navy switched from using the SM300 to other brands including the Rolex Submariner.  Those subsequent watches were modified to conform to military specification resembling the SM300.  So a military Submariner (MilSub) is a Submariner with a SM300 style bezel and broad sword hands instead of the original Rolex hands, while a "MilSM300" is essentially the same watch as the regular civilian one.  That's why a MilSub is especially pricey (if it's an original sample, fakes abound) because it is a marriage between a Submariner and a SM300 in very limited numbers not available for sale at any authorized dealer.  Also, that's why a SM300 is such good value for money because you're getting a military spec. watch that's essentially the same as an actual military issued sample.  Omega deserves to be complimented for that; the company seems to be very generous about giving the best of what it has to its customers without holding back anything.


Another side note:  the MilSub came in two versions.  The ref. 5513 came either with the original Rolex hands and bezel, or with the SM300 bezel and sword hands.  The other, ref. 5517 came exclusively with the SM300 bezel and the sword hands.  Needless to say, it's the SM300 featured version which is more valuable and harder to find.  However, the MOD specification called for a 60 minute division bezel and sword hands, so how did the ones with the original Rolex parts ever came to be issued?  Perhaps those were used by military of nations other than the British?


Some interesting things I've noticed about my SM300:

It is all original in unrestored condition, except for the hands.  The hands are Omega replacement parts; you'll notice that the luminous material appears newer and has a slight greenish hue vs. the original tritium on the dial.  That material is LumiNova, or Super-LumiNova, which is non-radioactive, and therefore does not degrade with time like radium or tritium.  Tritium is radioactive, like radium, but a lot less.  It is said the thickness of the watch crystal is sufficient to protect the wearer from most if not all of the radiation emitted.  Radium-226 has a half life of ~1,600 years, whereas tritium's is 12.3 years; so my 48 year old watch hardly has much tritium left in it.  The hands glow much brighter in the dark than the hour markers on the dial, as you can see in one of the attached pictures.

The calibre 565 movement is not chronometer certified, but contrary to my Constellation, has kept amazingly accurate time (+2 to +4 sec./day) when I received it.  I believe this is due to a good servicing history.  I took it to my watchmaker to have an overhaul anyway, and since then, it runs fast by more than 15 seconds/day.  I will ask my watchmaker to readjust its rate when I take my Constellation in to be serviced this summer.

The date function is quickset (you can adjust the date by manipulating the crown).  The date is advanced by pulling the crown out to the third position.  The date moves forward by one day each time you pull and push on the crown; this is unusual compared to newer watches in which the date is adjusted by turning the crown.

The inside of the case back is stamped 165024 originally, but has been crossed out and restamped 166024.  This worried me at first, thinking perhaps this case back maybe fake.  I've searched and found pictures of other similar looking case backs on otherwise legitimate looking watches.  My understanding is, Omega had decided to end production of the SM300 by the late 1960s, so in order to use up the remaining parts in stock, some of the surplus 165024 case backs have been restamped by Omega and used on those later SM300s with date function.

The date display is black numbers on a silver background.  Another variation is white numbers on a black background.  Both variations are authentic, but I find the black on silver not so easy to read, and the white on black blends in better with the "6" and "9" at the other quarter hour positions on the dial.

The watch came to me on a fine looking German made 22 mm black leather pilot strap, but I replaced it with a Phoenix NATO to better suit its military character.

The 165024/166024 is classified as a fourth generation SM300 by case reference numbers, but could also be regarded as second generation by case design (42 mm vs. the previous 39 mm versions) and overall appearance.

- Model ----- Omega Seamaster 300, diver's watch 

- Purchased in October 2014 on Ebay from Sydney, Australia. 

- Year of manufacture ----- 1968

- Case ref. number ----- 166024 

- Movement serial number ----- 27 million 

- Calibre 565, in-house non-chronometer movement, automatic winding, 24 jewels, 19,800 beats/hour, swan-neck timing regulator w/ adjustment screw, Incabloc shock protection system, copper-plated movement. 

- Case diameter ----- 42 mm without the crown 

- Case material ----- 316L stainless steel 

- Width between lugs ----- 20 mm 

- Type of bracelet ----- 20 mm admiralty grey nylon NATO strap by Phoenix Straps, UK.

- Power reserve ----- 50 hours 

- Water resistance ----- 200 m 

- Non-original "broad sword" hour hand, baton or "candlestick" minute hand, and white "arrow-tip" second hand; quick-set date function 

- Original, unrestored matte black dial with tritium filled hour markers; inverted "big triangle" hour marker at 12 o'clock position. 

- Domed triple layer Hesalite (acrylic) crystal with a tiny Omega logo engraved in the centre. 

- Bi-directional rotating bezel with graduated 60 minute divisions and 60 clicks; black plastic resin bezel insert with sealed tritium filled markers 

- Screw down type crown 

- Stainless steel case back with hippocampus (seahorse) logo.

JTK a watch Guru from Canada.
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Rare Rolex Day Date on Sale Ref 18038

I have been written a lot of article about Day Date simply they are best watch on earth...
Durable, stylish, right size, good branding, good investment item, gold, and most of all your young subordinate will not buy yet as they all think that this is a watch for successful mature man... Right or wrong I don't want to comment...
This is a rare 18038 because of the dial is very rare, and this is black colour, one of the most preferred colour on Rolex.
Condition 9 of 10
Year 1979
Price USD$30,000
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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What watches to wear in the middle of a riot?

He was not Freddy on Friday night movie, he was one of the protestors in Mong Kok last!

If you were in the riot last night in Mong Kok, what watches should you wear? It is quite complicated as things can change very quickly at the scene. Your watch has to be multifunctional and it has to be able to withstand pepper spray, hitting and flying objects.

G-Shock Mudmaster

The first watch that comes to my mind is the G-shock Mudmaster. It is designed for extreme environment. The dial has light function as you can turn on the small light inside the dial at night. A G-shock is tough and the Mudmaster is even tougher. It can prevent mud and dust from getting into the watch. It is around HK$3,500 and you can wear it in the middle of the battlefield. If in last night riot, it could become  "bloodmaster"!

Leave the D-blue home, go out with the Black to Mong Kok.

The other one is the Rolex Deep Sea. In the middle of a riot, there must be water spilling everywhere. Or just liquid. The 3900m diver can easily withstand such tough situations. 904L steel can withstand highly corrosive liquid. Also, the watch is big enough for you to use it as a shield or a small weapon. And as last resort, it can be used as a Capsule to be thrown into the mob, it can easily kill ten people by its weight  F=M.A

I call this Abalone Can
The Seiko Tuna Can is another watch you can wear in the middle of a riot. It is even bigger than the Rolex Deep Sea. It is tested to the depth of 4000m although it is supposed to be water-resistant to 1000m. It is way cheaper than the Rolex Deep Sea but it can also serve as a shield to any attack on your arm.

No question, this Omega is a tough guy, may should in Die Hard. 6.0

The Omega Ploprof 1200m is also a good choice. With its super chunky case, it is so heavy that you can use it as a close-combat secret weapon. If you do not have a hammer, the watch can serve as one. It is heavy, and 1200m water-resistant, making it an ideal watch to wear in the middle of a riot.


 Steel version for defend mode
Light weight Carbon composite Case and Ceramic Bezel for attack Mode

If you want to show some class in the riot, wear the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Diver. Again, it is big and chunky. It is a tough watch with a rubber strap. Although it is only 300m water-resistant, it is classier than the previously mentioned watches. If you go for attack mode use the Carbon Composite one for light weight, if you want to have the defend mode, use the stainless steel version.


Bombproof Triggerfish Bronze A2, watch only, not the Man wearing it!

Just in case there is a bomb in the riot, the Triggerfish Bronze A2 watches created by Kaventsmann can survive a bomb blast. If you wear it on your wrist, it does not guarantee you are bombproof! Only the Watch!
This watch is claimed able to be rolled over by a 20 Tons Tank, I am sure this picture is before the test!

click the above link see how a watch could be tortured this way.
Of course, you can also choose the INOX by Victorinox. It is shock, water and temperature-resistant, making it your perfect partner in a riot. It can stay perfect after being run over by a 20-ton tank. It can also stand sulpheric acid. Well, I suppose you will face an armored fighting vehicle and tear gas at worst?


The movement is hoisted up with tiny stainless steel wire.

Well, if the abovementioned do not suit you, you may pick a Richard Mille. Any Richard Mille will do as they are extremely shock-resistant. The first watch created for Nadal was a study in stealth, with its deep black carbon composite case and highly skeletonized movement is hanging by tiny stainless steel wires, should I call it WireCabloc?
in Grade 5 Titanium and LITAL® alloy weigh at mere 3.83 grams. Ever present on Nadal’s wrist, this tourbillon epitomized the luxury of lightness in service to a tennis legend.  
Should you be a policeman or a rioter, wear a RM to show that you do not worry about money. But if you are a Police, I am sure you should be questioned by ICAC, if you are one of the protectors, well, you must have been supported soundly by a financial strong syndicate.


These watches can help you keep track with the time especially when you are in a riot in the middle of the night. To know the time is important should you be a policeman or a protestors.

Jason L/HK Snob

Well, everyone is staying, living in this place, stop all the violence, this isn’t a war zone!
It is a peculiar to know for those to lead this and who organize this, what do you get out of this?

HK Watch Fever
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