Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Rolex Ref.16613 On sale

Rolex Submariner Ref. 16613 18KT two tone yellow gold in Blue dial on Sales. HK$49,000 Cash

HK Snob

Style is what personality is got to have, not the money that you can put on your watch.

Have you think of making a special Watch for your Girl friend Birthday?

Have you ever think of making such a great thing by putting name of your Girl friend on the Rolex you are going to give her on her BDAY?

Well, that is not just a great idea, but great Romance to her... and Big WARNING to those opponents coming to your Girl Friend...

Think of Personalization, think of your style...

Send me your Rolex and Design scratches and I will return these watch made perfectly by a team of Expert in HK

Special Offer for those HKWF readers at PWC Members....
I am glad to deliver such a Rolex two weeks after in your own design...

Charges is merely HK$4,700 per dial.

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This could be the Pulitzer prize winner of the year for Watch

When you see people wearing two watches , please don't be surprise... as if there is such a need for people does not carry a GMT Master, he might have to carry a GMT Master II on the left hand adjusted to the HK local time, and a Daytona Ref 116500LN on the right hand adjusted to Tokyo time...

This is a picture taken by one of the HKWF members 9ary ( the Wing Chun teacher black belt) in MTR Hong Kong.

The handsome man in suit is wearing two Rolex whilst browsing on a smart phone, whereas the most irony part of the picture is the man standing in front has no Right hand for watch....

Is this world fair?

Well, I am not trying to say anything about people who lost one hand, and most of the time, if I were the owner of the company, I would like to give more priority in promotion to those people who is not perfect physically, but 100% working better than we are...

HK Snob

the Moral of the story: It is expensive to buy, but Cheap to use!

After 25 years, what would be the value of these stuff!?

From left to right: Rolex Explorer I Ref 14270, I bought three watches in Singapore people's Plaza back in 1996 with HK$14,000 each,

Rolex Day Date Ref 18039 white gold, that was sold at $130,000.

Explorer II Ref 16570 was only $19,500, whereas the Louis Vuitton was $1,900.

What is the current market value after 25 years?
The Explorer I is $32,000
The Day Date is $115,000
The Explorer II is $34,000
The Louis Vuitton is selling $1,500 ( at Brand Off)

The Moral of the message is:-

They are Expensive to buy, but cheap to use!

HK Snob

Rolex Ref 68273 31mm Lady Date Just on sale Full Set

Pre-owned Lady Date Just Ref 68273 18 KT yellow Gold with Computer Rolex Dial on sale.

Full set:-
Invoice, Warranty paper, red seal, Calendar, Booklet, manual, Box, two Rolex leather holder.

Just been serviced with Overhaul with time check computer print out with Excellent time keeping as good as it was just rolled out from Rolex SA Switzerland...


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Monday, August 22, 2016

Panerai Limited Edition Automatic Stainless Steel 1,000M Diver's Wristwatch with Date and Helium Release Valve on Sale

Rolex DD36mm in comparison as for the size

Panerai PAM00243 Limited Edition Automatic Diver's wristwatch with date and Helium Escape valve signed officine Panerai Luminor Submersible, 1000M, Firenze 1860
Nickel-finished lever movement, black matt dial, luminescent Arabic and baton numerals, luminescent hands, magnified date aperture, eccentric subsidiary second at 9 O'clock, large cushion-shaped water-resistant-type case, unidirectional bezel calibrated to 60 units, helium escape valve, screw back, crown with protective bridge with security block, case, dial and movement signed, stainless steel Panerai buckle
44mm dia.

An awesome pre-owned watch Full Set, asking HK$44,000 only in cash.

HK Snob

Casio G Shock Frogman Collection


Frogman is one of the famous diving watches G- Shock made for you; a man full of power, energy and sportive mind.

The Camouflage is for men and the purple one is for her.

The Blue One is HK$5,500 and Purple one is HK$8,000

Well, it is hard to find as much as the Rolex Hulk and Batman.

HK Snob

HKWF gets a supply of BNIB IWC, JLC, Montblanc and some Discontinued Rolex Models

These are models we have now



105805 time Walker

Rolex BNIB 5 years Warranty
Submariner 16610LN HK$74,000
14060M HK$67,000
16610LV soon Available Price TBA

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Which discontinued Rolex models should you buy? HK Snob weighs in

We all know that discontinued Rolex watches are like blue-chip stocks. You almost always make money from them after a period of time. Even if you do not make a profit, you do not lose. Except for common vintage models like the 1680, 1665,5513 and the Paul Newman Daytona, there are a few other choices for you to purchase discontinued Rolex models.

1.      Rolex 116520 Daytona

The recently discontinued legendary 116520 Daytona is one
of the best investment items. Priced at $90000 HKD, before
the 116500LN was released, the 116520 could be had at
around $94000HKD for the black dial version and around
$86000 HKD for the white dial versions. Some grey dealers
may offer even better prices. However, just like all the
discontinued Daytona references, the price of the 116520
has been soaring after the 116500LN Daytona Ceramic was
released. We expect that the price of the 116520 will only go
up in the future especially for NOS watches.
2.      Rolex 16610LV

Since the release of the 116610LV “HULK”, the 16610LV 50th anniversary edition has been one of the hot items on the market. The price has been going up as the watch features very different aesthetics than the new 116610LV. The green aluminum insert features a different kind of green than the “HULK” while the dial is black in color with oversized hour markers. A NOS 16610lv now retails at around 80k HKD while it used to retail at around 60k HKD when it was in production.
3.      Rolex 16710 Pepsi
Rolex released the white gold GMT Pepsi a few years ago. However, you have to pay well over 200k HKD to get one. Therefore, a lot of people turn their eyes on the way cheaper Rolex 16710 Pepsi. It features similar aesthetics with the white gold Pepsi GMT with ceramic red-blue bezel. A NOS 16710 Pepsi can be very expensive up to HKD$100,000 or more as prices are expected to go up in the future.
HK Snob


Watches you can wear when doing sports

The Olympic Games are well under way. Let’s take a look at our recommendations of watches to wear when doing sports and take a look at prominent sportsmen who wear their watches while competing.


1.      The Rolex Deep Sea 116660
Both Tiger Woods and David Beckham have been spotted wearing the Rolex Deep Sea. They are two of the most prominent sportsmen in the modern world. With this 3900m diver, you can wear it while doing any kind of sports, be it diving, hiking or golfing. It is not rare to see people wearing the Deep Sea in the gym as well. For some of us, wearing it is already a kind of workout due to its weight. Just make sure you do not bang your beloved watch onto anything when swinging your racket or lifting weights.
2.      The Audemars PIguet Royal Oak Offshore

Worrying about what watches to wear when playing tennis? You might want to follow world no.1 Novak Djokovic and Swiss player Stan Wawrinka. Both of them have been spotted wearing Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watches. Novak was spotted wearing the Offshore Diver and Stan was spotted playing with his Royal Oak Offshore Diver Chronograph and Royal Oak Offshore Ceramic Diver. These Royal Oak Offshores can obviously take the shock and are tough enough to be your partners when doing your favorite sports.
3.      The Roger Federer Rolex Collection

The great Roger Federer has a steel Datejust II, a platinum Day-Date II and a vintage 6263 Daytona Paul Newman. He has been spotted wearing a Day-Date II in rose gold in the award ceremony. Out of the three Rolex watches in Roger Federer’s collection, the Datejust II seems to be the best watch for you to wear when doing sports. The platinum Day-Date II is too heavy while the 6263 Daytona is too precious.
4.      The G-Shock Mudmaster
Going outdoors? Climbing mountains and conquering
swamps? The G-Shock Mudmaster is there for you. Specially
designed to prevent any mud from going into the watch, the
Mudmaster is your reliable partner when going outdoors for
any sport activities. With a huge case and led light, it is a
very catchy timepiece that time your epic journey through the
bumpy road.
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Friday, August 19, 2016

Rolex Rose gold Day Date Ref 118205 on Sale


An Awesome Rose Gold Rolex Day Date Ref 118205 BNIB Full Set on sale at HK$193,000.

The original price of this watch at Rolex AD is HK$251,700

HK Snob

Thursday, August 18, 2016

A lucky number pre-owned Rolex Sea Dweller Ref 16600

A seaDweller is what I always looking for as for certain reason.

The Rolex Sea-Dweller (not the Deep Sea) has been one of the best-selling Rolex models.

It has a professional image and very proper size and weight. Unlike the Submariner, the Sea-Dweller is preferred by professional divers as it is water-resistant to 1200m. As the latest member of the Sea-Dweller family, the 16600 is a must-have for any Rolex collector.

This is a Watch that carry this data information:

888 2002, the S/N is having 28282, Chinese loves this number!

I have been talking about Sea Dweller before, refer to my previous link:


This is my own Watch of course, HK Snob's best beloved one must have something indifferent.

I have passed the watch for a Electronics time check today.

It keeps excellent time.

See attach record slip, it is like new condition as it was in Rolex SA Switzerland... I have tested the for water proof function, "It passed"!

Of course this is a watch made for diving deep into the level 4,000 m down the sea.

If you like this watch, prepare some money like HK$4X,XXX for me. 

PWC member has 3% discount.

Whatsapp me at +63998981111, First come first serve.

HK Snob

PS Watch Sold 1600 19 Aug 2016

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Rolex Date Just Ref 116234 new dial

I have found one new 2016 dial for the stainless steel Rolex Date Just today at one of the Rolex Boutique.

It is new and beautiful, the Arabic number is in light Purple colour and it looks like Grey from far.

A nice touch up on a traditional everyday Rolex Watch.

List price HK$58,000, you will get less 10% off using card with service charge HK$500 for our services at HK Rolex AD shops.

HK Snob

The 2016 new G-Shock Frogman GWF-D1000

The G-Shock Frogman has always been Casio G-Shock’s flagship model. It is the only watch in the G-Shock collection that is a serious dive watch. For years, the Frogman has been evolving and created hits. In 2016, a new model GWF-D1000 has come out and here we are to look at it.

Like other G-Shock models, the Frogman is full of functions you need or may find obsolete. What makes the watch different is that it is water-resistant to 200m. It has a depth gauge that measures the depth of your dive and it is solar-powered. It receives radio signals up to six times a day to give you the most accurate time. It can operate for up to 23 months. Other functions include a tide graph, stop watch functions, a digital compass and a moon phase display. It also has world-time functions.



The new GWF-D1000 is available in two colors – black and blue. You can bang it on anything while you cannot bear to bang your Submariner on a tree trunk. A special edition GWF-D1000K-7JR of 1500 pieces has also been released on the theme of Love The Sea and The Earth. It features a white and blue colorway A Frogman with a theme is always a collectible item.

All in all, a G-Shock Frogman is a young-looking, trendy and reliable watch. There are other special editions which we will cover later. Please keep tuning in.
HK Snob



Friday, August 12, 2016

The Rolex 116655 – Rolex’s answer for younger fans?

The Rolex 116655 was released in 2015 as a surprise to most Rolex fans. It is a 40mm rose gold Yacht Master on a rubber strap. While very often being criticized as dull and conservative, Rolex presented us a watch that belonged only to online predictions and fantasy.

The Yacht Master is never a very hot item in the whole Rolex collection. It lives in the shadow of the more clearly positioned Submariner. As a watch with a bi-directional bezel, it is not a diver like the Submariner, though. It is instead a watch for Yacht race, or, a more elegant version of the Submariner for yacht racers.

Before its official release, some websites already predicted a ceramic bezel on a Yacht Master. The design also appeared on some custom made Rolex Yacht Master but not on rose gold. So, this watch is probably Rolex’s answer to fans’ aspiration for cutting-edge designs.

Unlike the traditional Yacht Master, which is somewhat dull and lacks contrast, the 116655 looks quite appealing to young Rolex fans. The bezel is in matt black ceramic and it features polished numerals on a sandblasted background. The Yacht Master is the only watch in the Rolex collection that features two different kinds of finishing on the bezel. It is indeed very exquisite. On the dial, the red letters of Yacht Master is very catchy. Together with a 40mm rose gold case and a rubber strap which features a metal interior. It is called the Oysterflex bracelet – a rubber bracelet with the strength of a metal bracelet.
If you have always admired the Yacht Master for its elegance, the 116655 is the watch you have to get. It is a watch with aesthetics that cannot be found in other Rolex watches. It is also a gold Rolex that feels very trendy and chic.
Who knows, after twenty years, this will be one of the hot searching list at Watch trade sites.
HK Snob