Monday, September 1, 2014

Rolex DeepSea D-Blue Soon to Arrive HK

The Long waiting Rolex DeepSea D-blue Ref116660 soon to arrive HK, according to one of the major Hong Kong AD Managers told me today, it will be Estimated to reach HK about 10 Sept.
Anyway, once I got the news, I will inform you.
Singapore had the first DeepSea appeared beginning of last week selling at HKD$100,500 estimated after Sin-HK conversion.
HK price will be HKD$90,500, I think There will be NO Discount!

Please Reserve at your nearby Rolex AD.

And I believe the GMT master II Ref 116710BLNR Black Blue and Submariner Hulk Ref 116610LV should have more stock after the Swiss Summer Vacation!

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Rolex Ref 16613 Submariner 18 KT Two Tone watch on Sale

Rolex Ref 16613 has been one of the best renowned Submariner for those who feel a big different if not for stainless steel.

This Watch comes with S/N WXXXXXX, has just been changed with a brand new bezel and polished for perfect shinning and Oyster case profile by Rolex Service Centre Hong Kong.

It is looking for next watch owner who could possibly take care of it for a few decades whilst this Submariner will take care his master's "Time Keeping!"

All it takes is HKD$42,000 cash for the watch with 11 links of its bracelet, warranty paper, original box and recent Rolex service records, this to tell this watch has been authenticated by Rolex.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

A drop of Loctite threadlocker will save your Rolex from dropping!

This is an accident to get scratches on another friend's beloved GMT Master II,
Since this is new, I suggested him to bring to RSC for FREE Polishing!

Loctite 222 threadlocker

Have you noticed that your Rolex watch pin for locking up the links were added a drop of threadlocker?

That tiny drop of threadlocker could save your expensive Rolex from loosening and or drop out!

Today my colleague's new GMT Master Black blue was dropped,  luckily onto the carpet!
Simply the Korean Rolex shop staff did not put any threadlocker onto the pin when he bought his watch at Seoul Airport.

In Hong Kong, there are shops don't apply Loctite onto your Rolex. There are also Rolex AD to put Loctite after bracelet lenght adjustment.

I would recommend you to use as the Threadlocker is not adhesive, it prevents pins or screws being loosened. It will not corrode the gold pins or stainless steel pin of your Rolex bracelet. Same for Roger Dubuis, the shop manager at PP helped me to add Loctite too to ensure the massive watch case won't be separated from the leather strap due to loosened gold pin!

Next time, remind your Rolex shop to do it after bracelet length adjustment.

I prefer stronger Loctite 262 rather than low strength Loctite 222.

HK Snob

Monday, August 25, 2014

Rolex Ref 116710BLNR GMT Master II Black Blue on Sale

There are known two pieces of such a BNIB Full Set watch in Town, cash deal HKD$65,300

If you are looking for this Hottest item that you can consider now.

WhatsApp me ASAP!

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1978 NOS Rolex Daytona Ref 6263

Enjoy the Sunshine


Label is still there as it was in 1978

Flawless Dial

This shocks me as I have never seen vintage watches in such good condition. It was sold in 1978 at USD$695.00
now it may be worth USD$80,000. What a good investment!

Rolex Daytona Ref 6263 NOS 1978. Private Collection of a French.

Thanks for Thierry allowing me to SHOW OFF your watches at my blogs!

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Is it easy to Crack a Rolex Crystal?

I don't know how to say, it is hard and it is also very easy.
As it is very hard (second to diamond ) that means it could be brittle!
I have tried to use hammer to wrack the Sapphire crystal, I was quite hard to crack it at all.
My when my daughter used the watch for three days, she brought back to me saying that it was cracked without any notice on how did it happen. I was a bit mad! How could you break it!?
What should we do if the sapphire crystal was cracked?

We should pull out the crown stopping the watch to move as if not the broken sapphire debris would damage the expensive dials by the moving hands.

Send to Rolex Service centre for repair.

It is about HKD$1,500 for a replacement on a Sapphire Crystal, friend of mine had sent his Submariner M116610LN for replacement of the cracked crystal, he had to pay for HKD$5,000, of course, Rolex will ask you to change the water sealing ring, clean it a bit. 3 weeks!

As for my daughter's watch, I sent to a good old watch smith at Sham Shui Po, he immediately replaced for me with Genuine Rolex Crystal, HKD$800  in just 35 minutes.

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最緊要有地方花大錢! 有得威! 

試問有多少隻面膜真的使你皮膚改矍變得更滑,更有彈性?  我的確吾知,但你真的看看面膜內包含什麼東西,有何能是强力的防腐劑! 

不明白女人買衫,天天買,每星期買,買得好過癮,不错,你上去旺角中心看看,再去PP (Pacific Place) 看看,大有體會。旺角中心T-shirt二十九元,牛仔褲四十五元,PP一件T-shirt 要200至1500元,牛仔褲600到3000元。結果呢,去旺角買衫的人每年平均花費可能比去PP的多。因為平。你會多買; .......平害死人!