Monday, October 20, 2014

A Rolex Deep Sea D-blue of the HK first shipment is available with discount now

There is One piece of Rolex Deep Sea Ref 116660 is now released for sale in one Hong Kong Rolex AD shop.

Early batch of Rolex is likely a collectible item.

This is an official  brand new in box full set.

Standard list price $90,500, 5% using card.
 Whatsapp me for booking whilst the stock lasts.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Who is the loser for Occupy Central!?

Courtesy picture of news Today

With the launch of the constitutional reform consultation, "Occupy Central" has aroused wide public concern.  "Occupy" is meant to forcibly take possession of geographic space; to forcibly take control of a territory or a position. The word "occupy" has important implications that involve the controversy over "legal" or "illegal" and whether it will affect the various areas including people's living, security state, social order, the normal operation of the financial, industrial and commercial sectors including the hotel and tourism businesses, the financial stability of our economy and local and foreign investment.

And those three main Organisers of "Occupy Central" clearly states that civil disobedience is an unlawful act. Definitely, "Occupy Central" movement and its impact on society and participants.
Roads are blocked, ambulance cannot go to certain area in case of emergency, many people (tourism Sector) has immediate pay cut due to reduced visits, Shops are not having many customers, those Watch and jewelry shop in Mongkok would be affected serious as if there is riot, they get no claims from their insurance policy , Hellenwinner, Chow Tai Fok, Chow Send, Seng, Oriental, Kwan Yan and Vintage Concept (could be better as it is not situated at Nathan Road).

He would be taking the freedom of most of the people free will to Occupy the road perform some kind of his Request for the Constitutional reform has already impacts our daily lives seriously.

Many of Watch fever readers ask, would it be an effect to the Watch sales in HK?
Yes, I believe those shops at Nathan Road have already reduced 60% of the sales I the October, I have known a few Friends on the blog has cancel or postpone his flight to HK buying Rolex. Even Some of the Rolex AD in TST has been affected, as people is sick of seeing this chaotic noisy tag of war episode on screen, I wonder why people would gather there not to join but to WATCH the protest at Mongkok. Really Mong Kok is a City of no Sleep!

Usually I help at least 5-8 people buying Rolex at AD in a month, now so far since Oct 1 , I have “0” visitor.
That is already an Index to reflect the HK Economy, I really wish that it would come to an end soon whatever way!

HK is being watched under an ambush mode by the adjacent countries and US to get a chance to fish in the financial sector. At the end, who are the loser!?

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Rare Vintage Rolex Date Just Ref 16234 with Solalite Dial on Sales

A Rare Vintage Rolex DateJust Ref 16234 with Exquisite Diamond Solalite Dial on Sale
Rolex has produced some fantastic and beautiful dial with special gem stone like Tiger Eye, Onyx, Lapis lazuli, Meteorite, even Jade in 80 and 90s
The number they made a few and only once in a whilst we can find one with good conditions
This is one with Diamond on hour index on this beautiful dial, you can easily telling this is no other Rolex from far.
The owner had custom made a pony tail strap to match with this dial, it carry a kind of specialty.
Cash Price HKD$39,000
Note, Watch has not been polished at all.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rolex Submariner Ref 16618 on Sale

A discontinued Rolex Submariner Ref 16618 in like new condition, YXXXXX , just been serviced by replacing with new Crown, Crystal and crown tube.
It comes with big original big wooden Box.
Asking HKD$122,000.

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BaselWorld Rolex Item on Sale

New Basel Item is available in one Rolex AD
Yellow Gold $685,500
Rose Gold $595,600
5% Rolex Discount applies

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

There is stock for Rolex DeepSea Ref 116660 now!

There are two Rolex AD shops keeping some Limited Stock of new DeepSea D-Blue in Kowloon Side.

Price HKD$90,500

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Choice of your Rolex Watch Material

Please vote your choice of Rolex Watch material in the Poll station on the right!

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Rolex Daytona Panther Ref 116598 has stock in HKIA

Known One Piece of Rolex Ref 116598 is found at HKIA, love it?

Go get it whilst stock still last.

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