Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Brand New Watch now you can Pre-order at A Super Discount, the Plug & Feather Stone Watch!

Plug & Feather is a brand new watch brand - they make watches made from stones that we have sourced from around the world.  

They recently had a blowout Kickstarter campaign, doubled their target and are in the TOP 10 All-Time Watch Projects on Kickstarter

Now that the Kickstarter is over we are in the "pre-order" phase until March 2015 and are offering our watches at 50% off the regular retail price of $300.  Find them at

Hong Kong Watch Fever is a selected partner with them offering a special deal to all my audience! 

The deal would be a customized discount code for you on you for an ADDITIONAL 10% off the $150 pre-order price (already 50% off MSRP). 

We are also set-up a free watch give-away where we will give away one free watch to any of you who sign up for the mailing list.

The coupon code for you  is- DEAL15.

You just need to fill this code in the "COUPON" while filling their order. They will get 10- 15 % (on top of the 50% discount on MSRP)

In all my past articles, everyone knows me that I am crazy about all special gem, stone dial on Rolex, such as Onyx, Maglite, marble, Meteorite etc.

This is a similar approach using stone making a unique watch for you, and they look great!

HK Snob

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cartier Baignoire on sale

Cartier Baignoire 18KT Rose gold watch.
Three new crocodile strap
90% new full set un-dated.
HK $33,000

HK Snob

80' Seiko KS on sale

The Seiko KS Hi-Beat 28,800
Automatic, sapphire crystal, new crocodile strap with Seiko buckle.
Gold Seal.

HK Snob

A rare Cream Spot EX II Ref 16570 on sale

98% New Rare Cream Spot Explorer II full set asking HK$29,500.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

New Price update of Rolex Japan

What is the aftermath of Europe, Japan Rolex price Adjustment?
Obviously we can see many people can't wait to snap watches at your nearby Rolex AD in Singapore and HK.

According to managers at top three HK Rolex AD.
The sales has been increased since last week by 20% to 30% especially on Hot Models.

The managers remind staff tighten up the discount release.

Parallel importers is holding up their watch bought in Dec. 2014 whilst price was still low. 

GMT MASTER II BLUE BLACK parallel watch price increased by HK$1,000.

We speculate that Rolex HK will increase price 8% average estimated around Chinese New Year.

Personal Opinion only.

HK Snob

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

After Europe, Then Japan and most Likey HK, Rolex will raise prices next month

We were told some of the European Watch shops had raised prices of Rolex 5% to 8% aleady.

Now Rolex Would increase the price on 1 Feb by 8% on Submariner, at same time Patek Philippinmight increase 4% to 5% in Japan.

HK, there is the chance to have price adjustment before the Chinese New year, my guess only.

HK Snob

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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HK Snob

Rolex's Most Expensive Three watches

A Man just came to HK to Search for these most expensive Watches From Rolex.

No. 1 GMT Master Ice Ref 116769 TBR HKD$4,400,000

No. 2. Submariner Emerald 116649 HKD$2,850,000

No. 3 Daytona in Platinum Ref 116576 TBR $1,207,500

These are rare species and not easy to be found, I have seen Submariner Emerald and Platinum Daytona at HKIA but were sold out.

There is still 2-3 few pieces at one of the watch AD in HK, as these are expensive items that normally AD does not stock up and there is no parallel import about these extraordinary items.

The about price are all listed price and this man is looking for the best discount he could before next price up-adjustment.

That is why I call him Tai Chi Cheung Sam Rolex (太極張三撈)!

HK Snob