Friday, November 27, 2015

New Batches of Watch Arrives HK Today

Rolex GMT master II Ref 116710BLNR
Rolex Submariner Date Ref 116610LN
Rolex Daytona Black Ref 116520
Rolex Daytona White Ref 116520
DeepSea Black Ref 116660
DeepSea D-Blue Ref 11660

All BNIB Full Set 5 years Warranty. Cash Deal HKD or USD.

Local Delivery to HK and Alabang, Manila and Makati without additional charges.

I am sure there are a lot of positive comment about "HK Snob" at PWC (Philippine Watch Club).

Those are buyers that buys three watches one time, or 2 watches one time...

Who will deliver a watch to your place at no additional cost but with discounts?

Honesty, Passion and sincerity is my Slogan about Watch deal.

HK Snob
HK watch Fever

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Quiz. checking how fast your eyesa are...

Picture taken by Raymie, a talented Photographer
   copy right picture

Find the following out
a Frog
a Human face
a Flea
a Lion
a Rolex Submariner Onyx dial
a Male Genital made of egg shell

HK Snob

Monday, November 23, 2015

In searches of the Daytona Rainbow

In search of the lost Rainbow at Saint Vincent and the Grenadines...

Daytona Rainbow has been discontinued since 2009,

They will ask you HKD$950,000 to HKD1,050,000 for BNIB.

I sketched onboard HK to Manila this morning on my Samsung Note III.

The beggar of Frog in search of his lover....who is a princess.

HK Snob
HK Watch fever

V12 Engine



This is V-12 again, the super power on earth that human man kind could build for a fast car!

I think it need someone who can fill up the 12 Pistons with their best watches....

Something unique and not Electronics... of course...Fill them up with G-shock!? Maniac!

Where do you want to see this... Let me know I can show you may be with some gasoline discount.

HK Snob

Snap Shot of some of the Stock we have now...

This is the existing stock we have now...

Mostly from Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong (888),

We have GMT Master II, Daytona Black White, Submariner, Milgauss, Gold GMT master, Date Just, Yacht master Pink gold...Rose Gold Daytona, Two Tone Daytona in sunburst Blue dial.

White Gold Submariner...etc

HK Watch Fever
HK Snob

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rolex Collector's Lapis Lazuli Trio

This is a Philippine Collector's beloved Three Pieces of Lapis Lazuli, his has a great taste as Lapis Lazuli is the gem for the emperor... the senior Executives...

These are yellow Gold, two Tone and White gold...all are brand new in Mint Rolex Watches!

How do you like them?

There may have one more the Date Just two Tone Lapis in one of the AD shops in HK, of new old stock, old price with less 10% discount too.... are you drooling!?

HK Snob

Shall we judge the book by its Cover?

Masarati 3500GT

Omega Elite's latest custom iPhone 6S plus in Platinum iced out with 20 carats  of VVS clarity diamond for a Client in Tampa, FL, USA
 2015 Acura NSX hybrid super car
  An Audi R8 hand made by group of technician aged average of 40, made 20 cars a day, estimated
Richard Mille with a Bit Complicated movement but asking a lot!

This is an Example of the Vintage Ref 1803 in Pink Gold, Rolex Day Date 1977
Come on, counting like this by hand, it may take 1 week for that piles of RMB
When we had a meeting with our Top Executives on Annual Sales meeting last week.

I discovered that our Top Executive now is aware what the Cosmetic and outlook could be an essential selling point even for industrial equipment, I mean that they were not buying this concept 5 years ago!

For Industrial product, the major selling point is UPH (unit output per hour), MTBA (mean time between assist) the higher the better, MTBF (mean time between failure) the shorter the better… Yield in percentage, the higher the better of course… COO (cost of ownership) the lower the better…

The colour of the machine has been painted grey for 40 years… and the machine is formed by stacking up square boxes… does not seem to be undergone a refined design on the chassis…I should say it looks UGLY!

Well, look at some of European Equipment design, they are sleek, very ergonomics... colour contrast,

Red Strip across the mid of the body, Round off corners, the Control Panel is moveable freely … or even remote control. Press a button the cover will open automatically, that makes a big difference in the outlook of the equipment..
They Look Smarter, smaller, colourful, whereas ours are dull, square, huge, and look clumsy…

Well, I agree what one of the top executives said about one of his story about his wife buying a Hermes… He told her that the material cost of the bag may be just 5% to 10% of the selling price… and he asks why that bag is selling HKD$100,000…
His wife says value of the bag is  “I can afford, but you cannot!” that differentiates… the value of a Luxury products.

Well, I think that is one of the selling points of the Luxury product, Mararati, Aston Martin, Omega Elite, Audi, Vass Shoes, Tiffany, Cartier, Montblanc, NSX, Richard Mille, Rolex….
They are good stuff, they have heavy R&D on the product, their quality is Superb, they are unique to be an iconic image to tell “Only A few can afford!”…

HK Snob
HK Watch Fever 



Brand New in Box Full Set on Sales at Big Discount



We have stock up for over 150 Rolex now.
Import from Europe, Korea, Japan for those hot models that you normally cannot get in Authorized Dealer, or even have to pay for a premium.

Our price is very competitive and friendly , but in cash as the credit card charge is more or less our nett profit already for Sport model Submariners, GMT Master and SeaDweller....

We sell in bigger volume at low margin to differentiate other gray dealers. Many people asks if I have a shop, not at the moment as rental is sky high in Hong Kong. but who knows the future that we might need to open a watch shop....

I can carry the watch to Philippines at no extra cost, other than local Hong Kong delivery. And I am being recommended by Philippine Watch Club and Singapore Rolex Club members as one of the reliable source for Rolex even for your first Rolex.

HK Snob

Sunday, November 15, 2015

How To do Polishing on your Day Date?


The watch before polishing 

Cut the Polish Paper to the width of the side section and Pull the Paper to make the brushed Surface

After Polishing...the white gold cross was used for 
5 minutes practice  before the Day Date

After Polishing, picture taken at night 

This give you a better picture on how it look after 
polishing this morning 

I am not perfectionist, but I don't like my watch is having too much scratches…

Sometime even though you care so much on your Gold Rolex… someone on the road wearing a massive iron watch like a hammer would hit on your Rolex… Oh, no surprise to see a hair line scratches on your Oyster body… Oyster Body is Strong, but it is made of 18KT gold… softer than that Hammer

Will you send it to Rolex to do Polishing…?

I don't. as I do it myself..

Tools a hand held polishing motor, some of the polishing head for making mirror surface… a tube of German Autosol metal Polish… a piece of 1200CW Silicon Carbide Watch proof Polish paper…

A mini vice … that is it…


1.  Remove the gold bracelet from the     Watch.

2.  Start using the Polishing Mop to polish the shining surface of the bracelet… unit you can see mirror surface with the Autosol.

3. Cut the thin strip of Polishing paper with the same width of the Semi-circular brushed surface of the bracelet, and lightly press with one finger and use other hand to pull lightly along the direction of the bracelet,.. and make it same for every link of the bracelet…

4. Note that the width of the semi-circular link is smaller at the buckle side of the bracelet, you have to cut the exact width of the polishing paper to fit it..

5.  Using the Polishing mop to polish the watch body, on the mirror surface area.

6.  Lock up the Crown and watch with light detergent under warm water to remove excess dirt, metal polish and dry it on tissue paper…

You Will surprise to see your Rolex is like new the edge remains sharp, shinning new Rolex

….it is fun if you like doing this mechanic stuff..

Warning, if you are not too sure if you can do it… Don't Do it or it will become a Polex!

In such a case, send to Rolex Service Centre…let the expert does it for you.

HK Snob

PS use Cape Cod for minor scratches

reference Profession Polishing

LumiSidus 11 24k Gold Watch Winder for your watches


First of all look at this video to see how does this Winder runs,... it is 100% quiet, no magnetic flux leakage to magnetize your Expensive Watches. and It is 100% safe to use, it does not accelerate the wear and tear on your precision rotor wheels.

it is Gold Plated 24 K... and it is a desk top decoration.

This is  LumiSidus 11 24k Gold Watch Winder

Available at Misterchrono
Shop 10-11, G/F, Champagne Court, 16 Kimberley Road, TST, Kowloon.

Tel : +85255251811

Look for Shing Hey or Antoine,  They are Watch Experts and they are nice to talk to....

They have all kind of Watch Band, custom made croco, lizard, ostrich,  Strap.. NATO strap., Rolex Books... Watch name it...

HK Snob


Watch Fever Club Member will get a Very Special Discount there!!

Watch Fever Hi tea Watch Gathering 14 Nov 2015

It was a crazy day as I was doing shopping Chinese Sausage (the best HK made Sausage) whilst members of the watch club secretly meeting with Show Off of Tons of Watches...
I believe people at the restaurant could open their eyes to see so many good stuff displaying there....
Only Two Cartier Crash and the White Gold Day Date is valued more then HKD$1,000,000 already... Also there were a lot of beautiful Writing instrument... Lovely...
HK Snob