Wednesday, July 29, 2020

What if COVID-19 is still with us.

What is the new norm after the COVID-19?
Well, it is hard to say as we may have COVID-20, or a new generation of pandemic diseases. This virus does not carry any nationality, ? who knows one day, that may be no vaccine to cure and all human gone in one day!

What we can see is changes:
1. Work from Home
2. Olympic games, watch show, auction go on line, soccer games without audience!
3. Watch boutique number will be reduced may be more than 60% in three years time
4. Zoom, Teams, Webex is our meeting tools
5. Good presentation material would be key selling tools for technological product sales
6, Virtual reality in luxury goods shopping
7. On line sales figure double up in 1 year
8. Instant food, delivery and medical business blooming
9. China will go de-Americanized.
10. Money value drops as many factories closed except money printing machine keeps 24/7 running
11. Goods-goods trade without money involved.
12, Many Airlines companies will diminished and closed
13. China 5G will be the most powerful tool for communications by 2023
14. China will be one of the few countries produce COVID-19 vaccine in volume.

These are my personal opinion only.
Wish all the worst time had gone, and tomorrow would be better day for the world.
HK Snob

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