Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Rolex Lady-Date Just

Yellow gold MOP dial and Diamond bezel Ref 178288

Two tone green dial VI diamond and Diamond Bezel Ref 178383

Choco Dial, VI diamond and Diamond Bezel on Oyster Bracelet Ref 178341

Pink Dial and Diamond Bezel on steel case and oyster Bracelet Ref 178344

Grey Flora Dial, smooth bezel on oyster bracelet Ref 178240
Take a look on choice you can get from this links at Rolex Website

You will be surprised that there are over 300 types of Rolex Lady Perpetual watches offering for you.

Only Rolex can produce so many combination of dial, color, metal, bracelet size to suit your taste, and I believe there are more...

Amongst those, I think this Rolex 178341 Date Just 31mm is one of the top ten most adorable designs from Rolex.

These are some of the most beautiful design selected

We can order for you any of the above watches with special price that you will feel the "value" about the money you spend!

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