Thursday, December 31, 2015

TBH, how to make yourself sucessful!

Its  is me...


When I drew this was actually not for fun, what I was trying to say to friend is that in this world completion is tough, all you need is to have some wining points.

TBH, (to be honest), all we need is to wear a mask to see your boss, don't let him read you mind…try not to make a negative reply in front of him, afterwards you do it or not is no longer important… as sometimes your boss is so forgetful. So put down dome of the record on what he says as one day he might say” Did I say that?”  (WTF)

Don't disclose you like traveling USA., as if you do, your superior will not allow you to travel America, why?

If you like Thailand.. always say something negative about Thailand… One day, he will come to say to you,  I want to put you  station in Thailand!

It works!

Second, we need to be friendly to you customer- relationship is the key factor besides your product and price.

Honesty and friendly like your dog… and be honest to your customer…  TBH is the key word.

We need balance sex life as that is Vitamin for your body… if no sex.. well help with your fingers… What!?

If you are sexagenarian and sex-starved person at same time, don't marry with Sex-bomb, or you will ruin your life much faster… As Chines says, Sex is an Axe on your head…

Make yourself healthy stop smoking or alcoholic… be positive in your mind set likes an Apache.
Drink one glass of red wine, as it is equivalent to one hour work-out at gym.

You have to fight back… to kill your enemy… you enemy can be your colleague, street fighters, your superior, ex-boyfriend of your mistress … and that I way I keep some grenades with me…
Warning, only use when your life is endangered.
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