Friday, January 2, 2015

China Top Ten Beauty 2014

Christie Brinkly at 60s

China Top Ten Beauties

Woman’s beauty would last forever?
According to 2,000 women surveyed by British beauty and health retailer Superdrug, most women’s aging concerns start at age 29. These ladies' chief worries – in order – were wrinkles, sagging faces, sagging breasts, facial hair and going gray. Who can hold the beauty against time effect like Christie Brinkley?

If you looks at these top ten Chinese Beauty nominated by Chinese media, they are all under 33 I believe.

As it seems no one could avoid the natural aging process, Who is the most beautiful woman!?

If you love someone, you may lover her caring and her wisdom, there are a lot of beautiful woman that stay in our hearts like Xhou Xuan, Anita Mui, Lam Fung, Lam Doi, Lam Ching Har, their beauty isn’t skin deep, it from their hearts and their talents to act ot to sing.

Back to the Chinese top ten.
I am afraid no one would stay in this top ten list after 10 years, but looks at the Daytona could, its value would not drop, but be appreciate after ten year.

And Most of all, the Rolex Daytona would be a silent listener, a time keeper, no complaint , no sex refuse like Woman when you are in need!! Hmm..

Man, stay calm, and make the best investment…

But One question asked, Who would you like to Choose, a very beautiful girl, a moderate beautiful one and one whose beauty is under average, if you are allowed to Choose?

My Reply would be (I was taught by TK Lee) choose the most beautiful one, Why?
As they are the easiest! Wow… Is that True!?

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